The Team

The Human Rights Team of the Lycée International is a student composed team that meets every week, to discuss and debate important current affairs, generally focused around the main topic of the year. Still in the optic of this subject, we organize events to raise awareness and to help those in need. There are three teams : the marketing, debate, and video teams, each with a specific role to raise awareness in any way that we can.
Our members come from different sections and grades, from Quatrième to Terminale, driven by the same hope, will, wish and ambition: to make this world a better place by promoting equality and justice for all.

The Leaders

In 2023, our leaders are Dorian Echasseriau, Mary-Lou Rival, Klara Belayche, Julien Rault, and Aleyna Taber. In their junior and senior years, they are dedicated to making HRT better, but most importantly forwarding the cause of international equality and respect of human rights.