The Right to Protest (2023)

End-of-Year Recap

HRT Documentary

TEDx Video


Our debate team spearheaded an online debate this past week on the topic of mass climate migration. Thank you to everyone who participated, it was a riveting debate!


Candygrams! After holding a stand in the school’s “atrium” on this past Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we passed out the candygrams in each class’ cubby. We are so grateful for all the support! This year, we raised over 300€ for UNHCR through this program.


Official announcement of our theme from our Instagram account! We additionally announced the redesign of our website and its relocation to the domain. This rebranding is followed by updated email addresses.


Each year, the video team sets out to interview students, faculty, and staff at the Lycée International. We ask each interviewee questions surrounding the year’s theme, looking to allow a wide variety of points of views and opinions. This year, we have collected well over 2 hours of interview footage, focusing mainly on Histoire-Geographie-EMC (History-Geography-Civics) teachers, who’s curriculum and experience most align with this year’s theme: the right to protest. Here is a sneak peak at the production process. Next step… complete the editing. We can’t wait to display our work at the HRT conference!


​Each year, the American Section holds its annual beginning-of-year picnic in late September to welcome students, parents, and faculty back for the new school year. Today, the Human Rights Team held a fundraiser at this American Section picnic. We sold drinks and homemade baked good. Memories made and profits raised for a good cause!