Mental Health (2024)

End-of-Year Conference Recap

On Wednesday the American Section’s Human Rights Team (HRT) held its 17th annual conference. This year, the theme was mental health, with a focus on the mental health of students and at school.
We presented our team’s special presentation documentary for which we interviewed students and faculty of the school. A very special thank you to Andrew McGovern, François Boulet, and Philippe Bonneville for their insightful interviews. Next, we viewed two introductory videos, a World Health Organization discussion and a TEDxSalem presentation from an activist’s perspective. After a short break, we moderated a discussion with our speaker, Solen Montanari, American Section class of `94 and psychologist. She presented mental health generally then took questions from students. They asked various deep and personal questions and seemed to be truly engaged by the speaker. Finally, we debated on various issues surrounding the mental health of students moderated by Solen and our HRT Staff.
As per the student’s feedback, the conference was a resounding success in sparking questions and discussion for our students.
In our final year, HRT’s leaders Dorian Echasseriau (Tle), Ella Boubel (Tle), and Noémie Langlois (Tle) are proud to see that our last conference was such a success.
A special thank you to all the administration’s work to make this event possible.
Finally, a thank you to our other HRT staff members that were present for the conference: Charlotte Navratil (1ere), Isabella Pierucci (Tle), Helene Kapay (Tle NL), and Laetitia Accad (Tle)!

Dorian Echasseriau, HRT Leader


We are pleased to announce our 2024 installment of the annual HRT Conference for Middle School Student! We are very proud to welcome our guest speaker, Solen Le Berre Montanari ’94, an alumna of the American Section.


Candygrams! After holding a stand in the school’s “atrium” on this past Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we passed out the candygrams in each class’ cubby. We are so grateful for all the support! This year, we raised over 230€ for Serve The City Paris through this program.



​Each year, the Lycée International holds a Christmas Market for the entire school community. This year, HRT held a stand selling raffle tickets for a basket and popcorn. All of our proceeds went to the Institut Women Safe.


​Each year, the American Section holds its annual beginning-of-year picnic in late September to welcome students, parents, and faculty back for the new school year. Today, the Human Rights Team held a fundraiser at this American Section picnic. We sold drinks and homemade baked good. Memories made and profits raised for a good cause!